Upgrade Your Commute with SWISSGEAR

Upgrade Your Commute

Travel Friendly Backpacks for Commuters

From work to school to family visits, commuting covers a wide-range of possibilities that call for a travel friendly backpack. Each day urban commuters are headed to big cities and small towns all over the U.S.A. Swissgear backpacks are designed to meet the needs of all types of travelers. Their products are styled to provide a safe, easy way to arrive wherever you’re headed with your possessions intact. Upgrading your current bag is a smart choice when you select Swissgear for your travel needs. You’ll receive an innovative, superior quality product that delivers on style and performance.

As a regular commuter, you’ve probably dealt with a long list of backpack issues. Water bottles popping out of side pockets, uncomfortable straps, and zero storage pockets are just a few notable ones. You want a bag that’s roomy and not bulky when it’s packed with your necessities. It’s got to be lightweight from the start and a pleasure to carry on a daily basis. A typical travel friendly backpack should have space for all the essentials, including lunch, hydration, tech devices, and extra shoes. Swissgear makes top-rated:

  • Business travel bags
  • College backpacks
  • Fashion-forward commuter bags
  • Functional carry on luggage
  • School bags
  • Smart backpacks
  • Sized-right carry on packs
  • Travel-friendly totes
  • TSA laptop compliant backpacks

Top-Rated Train Travel Backpack

Traveling to work by train can provide time to catch up on emails, outline projects, or relax with a good audio book. The best type of train backpacks have a level of connectivity that keeps you totally linked throughout your ride. It’s nice to have a USB charger always within reach. Whether traveling to and from the office or university, your backpack must be able to support you no matter what happens.

Swissgear 2700 USB Deluxe ScanSmart Laptop Backpack with LED Light

Swissgear includes the word deluxe in its description of the 2700 laptop backpack. It’s got exactly what you need to travel safely. Lets start with the lay-flat padded ScanSmart compartment. This space contains a 15-inch padded laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve, and pouches for a battery pack and adapters. It opens flat for a TSA friendly backpack and laptop experience. There’s also an interior LED light that’s timed to help retain battery life. The onboard USB port is a lifesaver for long trips or travel delays.

The main compartment is big enough to hold documents, binders, and file folders. Keep beverages cold with the insulated pocket. There’s a fleece-lined sunglass storage pouch for protecting your shades. You’ll also appreciate the apparel pouch and shoe pocket for toting gym clothes or a fresh outfit for happy hour. The manufacturer has incorporated breathable mesh pockets and fabric panels throughout this bag. Plus, there are several organizational panels and stuff pouches for keeping track of pens, snacks, phones, and ear buds.

Coveted TSA Friendly Backpack

Commuting regularly by air has its own set of quandaries to manage. Air travel can actually be easier when you choose a TSA friendly backpack to carry your technology and personal items. Taking the time to find a bag that meets the checkpoint requirements could save you some time. If your laptop can be easily scanned by TSA, there’s no problem with it remaining in your carry on. Ideally, your travel bag should provide a clear and unobstructed view as the laptop moves through the x-ray machine.

Swissgear 2909 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack with LED Light

Why is the 2909 backpack the airport bag to buy? Swissgear includes their ScanSmart lay-flat capability in this backpack. That means you can unzip the 15-inch laptop sleeve and open it flat on the conveyor belt for inspection. The sleeve also has a hook and loop strap that protects the computer from slipping around during the scanning process. Cable storage slip pockets at the back of the bag provide easy access to the ones you constantly use. There are dual organizer pockets inside the front zip pouch for pens, snacks, and other small necessities.

The internal LED lighting mechanism allows you to see your things when accessing the main cavity of the bag. Zippered pouches in the main compartment keep larger things separated and less likely to get broken. Having a built-in USB port available is the best reason to grab this bag when heading to the airport. You’ve got comfort designed into this bag with padded shoulder straps and a steel-cable handle that carries weight more evenly. This pack has an insulated pocket for keeping liquids cool.

Preferred Commuter Laptop Backpack

Depending upon your commute, your backpack preferences can vary with time. What was once a great idea may now seem like an obstacle. For example, changing up your transportation from train to bus or from carpool to train can alter required features. You may now need an onboard USB port where before you could just plug into a port inside the car. Buying a fully loaded commuter backpack now can solve connectivity and storage problems before they pop up. Are you ready for the unexpected changes life might throw your way?

Swissgear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

ScanSmart is an airport-friendly feature that Swissgear includes in many of their travel bags. It allows you to have your laptop scanned without removing it from your backpack. The 5358 includes this feature as well as a built-in USB outlet for charging your devices on the go. There’s also a snug cell phone pocket on the bag’s comfort shoulder strap that gives you direct USB access. Imagine having a charging station you take with you. This bag is a dream for any tech geek or device-connected commuter!

Comfort and storage are important features of the Swissgear 5358 backpack. From the sternum strap to the padded shoulder straps and mesh fabric back panel, this is a breathable comfort-driven design. An insulated side zip pocket for bottles and cans keeps drinks cool. Mesh pockets for snacks, an interior apparel pocket, and an exterior side-access shoe pocket are coveted items for gym visits. This pack comes in multiple colorways and fabrics.

Popular RFID Commuter Backpack

When you step out your door and into a crowd, your ID and bank card data becomes vulnerable to theft. Smart commuters look for RFID protection to keep their money and personal information safe and secure. If you’re using a commuter bag that doesn’t include this level of protection, why not upgrade to a better bag? When you do, you don’t have to worry about this level of safety. Airports, train stations, and bus terminals automatically become safer.

Swissgear 2871 Tote Backpack

A tote bag with stowaway straps for both over the shoulder and backpack capability could make your daily commute easier. The 2871 tote backpack has an internal RFID lined organizer panel for ID and credit card protection. Dual slip pockets up front and a padded 13-inch laptop storage sleeve are available to safeguard precious items. Plus, there’s an additional cushioned sleeve for tablet storage. The central compartment is roomy and opens wide for easy access. There’s plenty of room for gym clothes, a lunch bag, or the few grocery items you want for dinner.

Side pockets and an interior water bottle pocket give you options for storing drinks and snacks. This bag is a carry on size, and it’s made of a polyester fabric and trimmed in PVC for easy cleaning. It’s also equipped with an add-a-bag strap, so you can slip it over the handle of your rolling luggage. Top grab handles for carrying this backpack like a shopper tote are a commuter-friendly addition.

Favorite Carry On Commuter Backpack

One of the fastest ways to move through your commute is to use a carry on to transport personal items. Finding a bag that’s got all your requirements covered can be a challenge. A combination or convertible backpack can add a new layer of possibility to your transportation experience. Products made with multiple carrying options give you the choices you want. Do you want a messenger bag, briefcase, or backpack? How about a three-in-one?

Swissgear 2913 Hybrid Briefcase Backpack

Ergonomically designed and sized for carry on, the 2913 is a combination briefcase, backpack, and messenger bag. Stowaway straps, side and top grab handles, and a crossbody strap deliver multiple solutions for managing your bag. You’ve got room in this case to stash a lot of items, including cords, chargers, and devices. The 15-inch fleece-lined laptop sleeve and the padded tablet storage are removable which makes this a TSA friendly backpack.

An exterior U-shaped pocket crafted for cables and accessories is located at the top of the bag. That makes anything you store there easy to reach while you’re in motion. The exterior RFID side pocket is a good spot for valuables you want to keep away from data thieves. An add-a-bag strap provides a hands-free experience when you’re carrying wheeled luggage, too. Just slip the Swissgear 2913 over the handle and go. An exterior webbing strap on the front is a bonus. You can daisy chain a lunch bag or cinch sack for gym clothes from the strap.

Author: Joseph Daniels