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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for Travel Lovers

There’s something dazzlingly delightful about seeking out gifts for travel lovers in your life. Even if your schedule prevents you from traipsing around Thailand yourself next year, you can still support your buddies who are packing up for parts unknown.

A Roomy Travel Backpack

Swissgear 5358 ScanSmart Backpack

The Swissgear 5358 ScanSmart Backpack would make a gorgeous gift for your friend who’s made traveling light a true art form. Feast your eyes on the TSA friendly bag, which boasts a laptop compartment that will become the envy of everyone at the airport. It’s so wonderfully roomy that it can even become a tablet compartment as well. The comfy straps make it easy to carry — even when your friend’s flight is delayed and they’re meandering around the terminal. A sternum strap, cell phone pocket and dedicated space for shoes make this bag a must-have.

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Swissgear 5358 ScanSmart Backpack

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly…and Buy Your Family Member a Travel Backpack They’ll Adore

Whether your cousin has Montana or Marrakesh on their itinerary, they’re bound to fall in love with the Swissgear 1900 Travel Laptop Backpack. Your cuz can slip some sunglasses into the dedicated, fleece-lined slot and head to the slopes…or wherever their wanderlust takes them this year.

Swissgear 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

A Commuter Friendly Travel Backpack

Swissgear 1900 Travel Laptop Backpack

With water bottle pockets and detachable stowaway straps, this will be the go-to bag that will make your loved one think of you every time they’re about to hit the road. After all, travel gifts are like the presents that keep giving over the years. The zippered organizer compartment and mesh side compartment combine to make this bag particularly commuter friendly, cementing its status as the most likely to become a beloved bag for a long time. With lots of space to store all of their favorite things, this backpack will assume a hallowed position in the house. Those who prefer to stay hydrated on their journeys will undoubtedly enjoy easy access to a water bottle pocket. After all, with a water bottle at the ready, sightseeing jaunts can go on for hours.

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The Travel Lovers in Your Life Go Wild for Spinner Luggage

Swissgear 6595 18″ Aluminum Frame Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage

Whether they’re headed to Savannah, Georgia or going on a safari, your pals will swoon over the Swissgear 6595 18″ Aluminum Frame Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage. Indeed, if you’re attempting to source gifts for travel lovers who already have everything, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything more appropriate than heavenly hardside luggage that lasts for the long haul. Its TSA combination locks keep it very commuter friendly, while its durable and tough polycarbonate constitution makes it one of the best travel gifts you can possibly give. Twin closure buckles and a telescoping locking handle can transform life — even for your most finicky friends.

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Swissgear 6369 28” Expandable Spinner Luggage
Swissgear 6067 Getaway 2.0 USB Garment Carry On Spinner Luggage - Black

It’s Never Been So Easy to Find Gorgeous Gifts for Travel Lovers in Your Life

Swissgear 6067 Getaway 2.0 USB Garment Carry On Spinner Luggage

When your friends and family travel often, they’ll need TSA friendly bags that will allow them to zip through security lines with ease. The 6067 Getaway 2.0 USB Garment Carry On Spinner Luggage is ideal for travel lovers who have a hankering for black luggage. With a USB port to encourage your buddies to stay charged up at all times — and a foldable garment bag to keep all of their clothes clean and pristine while on the road — this durable and tough bag is truly exceptional. The wet/dry bag is helpful for both swimmers and parents with young children.

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Is It Time to Ditch the Tiny Travel Backpack and Go for Something More Substantial?

Swissgear 6595 Aluminum Suitcase

Sometimes your traveler friends don’t understand when it’s time for an upgrade. Maybe they’ve progressed from taking long weekend trips to New Orleans to heading out to the Netherlands for a few weeks, but they still haven’t switched their travel backpack out for a grown-up piece of luxury travel luggage. It’s time to set them up with the Swissgear 6595 Aluminum Suitcase. Whether you go for the 18-inch version or decide to spring for the 27-inch slice of heaven, they’ll be bound to fall for the lightweight yet sturdy construction of this model. With polycarbonate components and an aluminum frame, this lovely luggage sits poised to remain a favorite for a long time. Other defining features include a convenient telescoping handle TSA combination lock that will keep everyone happy. Even your clotheshorse friends will admire the ample amount of space available in the suitcase.

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Swissgear 6595 18” Aluminum Frame Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage - Black
Swissgear 7895 Zurich Full Sized Wheel Bag

Speaking of Fashion Friends…Why Not Just Buy Them a Garment Bag?

Swissgear 7895 Zurich Full Sized Wheel Bag

You know your chic friends better than they know themselves. And for those who live to find amazing vintage pieces and show them off while posing for pictures in the South of France, it’s time to take a close look at the Swissgear 7895 Zurich Full Sized Wheel Bag. With both fabulous form and function, this is the bag that can do it all. With four separate sections to keep everything neat and perfectly pressed, fashionistas will find it easy to put together their favorite ensembles every evening. And since a love for fashion and black luggage often go hand in hand, they’ll be thrilled to tote a piece of black luggage to their most dazzling destinations. Gifts for travel lovers should be a joy from the time they’re unwrapped to all the times they are used to protect your valuables.

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Let There Be Light…and a Trolley Strap

Swissgear 2700 USB Deluxe ScanSmart Laptop Backpack with LED Light

The lucky recipients of your travel gift won’t have to go to San Franciso to experience a trolley strap…although they absolutely should visit the spectacular city if they haven’t been there yet! The 2700 USB Deluxe Laptop Backpack with LED Light is an excellent choice for travelers who choose to traipse around either Transylvania or Trenton. This ScanSmart backpack boasts a dedicated area that can be used as a laptop compartment or a tablet compartment; the choice is theirs. Dedicated technology fans may even want to pack away both for a great trip. A USB port and mesh adapter pocket make is simple to stay charged up, while a sternum strap keeps everything comfortable for those who like to stay active and truly explore new destinations.

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Swissgear 2700 USB Deluxe ScanSmart Laptop Backpack with LED Light - Black

A Versatile Backpack you can take Anywhere

Speaking of walking, this is the type of bag that wants travelers to go wherever the wind takes them — quite literally. Keeping tourists cool, the Airflow back panel and ergonomic straps help people to stay focused on the true purposes of their trips. After all, who wants to have to deal with a sweaty back while on the road? The interior LED light even allows travelers to locate their beloved items when the lighting is dim. Even it they’re stranded on a boat in the middle of the Black Sea, they’ll be able to find the essentials. And if they want to crack open a cold one while they’re out there on the water, the chilly pocket will allow them to keep it cool. No detail has been overlooked in the construction of this bag; an eye wear compartment has been created in order to properly cradle sunglasses long after the lights have gone out. Zippered and mesh organizational pockets make it a breeze to find all of the small items that they’ll need to keep life tidy while out in the wild.

“I Met a Lot of People in Europe. I Even Encountered Myself.” – James Baldwin

By gifting your loved ones with incredible items intended to treble the joy of their travels, you’re truly the best kind of friend there is. Travel helps to expand horizons and encourages people to see their lives in a new light. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a couple of handy products that will suit your travel tastes. Life is too short not to plan a few exciting adventures for yourself.

Author: Joseph Daniels