SWISSGEAR 101: Packing for Your Commute


Unleash a Great New Adventure

You’ve been feeling that wanderlust stirring in your bones for some time now; perhaps now is the time to cast off for a sparkling new destination. Grab a train or a plane to a heavenly hotspot and delight in the mind-opening marvelousness of being free. Even a work trip can become a wondrous departure from your everyday life. But first thing’s first — you’ll need to pack the right essentials in order to make the most out of your extraordinary escape.

Get a Soundtrack Going: Pack Those Headphones and Earbuds

Swissgear 2909 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

Breeze through security with the Swissgear 2909 Scansmart Laptop Backpack with LED Light. This commuter backpack boasts a handy light that allows you to easily find your gym clothes as you embark upon your excursion. Its ScanSmart technology allows you to bring your electronics without a huge hassle from the TSA. The bottom compartment allows you to stow away some snacks — after all, no great explorer wants to arrive at their destination with an empty stomach. For those who are seeking out a bag boasting both versatility and style, this one is the way to go. Don’t forget to grab your power bank before you head out — and connect it to the handy USB port on the side. The padded laptop sleeve keeps your most prized possession safe and secure as you get your motor running. The laptop backpack bag comes with slip pockets and a main compartment that literally glows with excellence, this bag will see you through untold episodes of glamour and excitement. The ventilated Airflow system literally allows you to feel as though you’re traveling light — even if you packed a lunch so big that it could feed the entire bus. And don’t forget to stay hydrated during your journey; an insulated side pocket will even help you keep your water bottle cool as you sashay into a new city.

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Swissgear 2909 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

Practice Mindful Breathing

In an ideal world, you would be able to relax fully while commuting. Unfortunately, you can’t relax too much while you’re behind the wheel or on a crowded subway compartment. While you may not be able to close your eyes and zone out, you can practice mindful breathing. Try taking deep, controlled breaths when your commute becomes particularly stressful. You can find smartphone apps and blog posts that will guide you through mindful breathing exercises too. Mindful breathing is also a great tool for business travelers with flight anxiety who need to hop on a plane.

SwissGear 5358 USB Backpack

Make Room for Your Sunglasses and Other Essentials

Swissgear 5358 USB Backpack

The SwissGear 5358 USB Backpack also possesses the lay-flat technology that has made these bags so supreme in their category. This TSA friendly backpack is bound to make you the most popular person in the security line — regardless of where your travels take you. A true commuter backpack, and executive backpack, it will transport your files with ease. After all, every discriminating commuter requires a phone charging hub and padded shoulder straps. Tuck your work files into the center compartment, which is so roomy that it even features space for your shoes. Before you hop into the car, access the convenient sunglasses pocket and protect your peepers from the sun’s intense rays. The strong polyester fabric allows you to keep this backpack in your traveling repertoire for as long as you’d like.

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Every Commuter Needs a TSA Friendly Convertible Backpack

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of compliments when you head out with this convenient convertible and large travel backpack on your arm. Not only does it boast sensational stowaway straps that can be removed whenever you’d prefer, but it also features a crossbody strap that gives it that modern look. Sleek and sophisticated, this backpack tends to draw attention wherever you go. Whether you’re in Idlewild or Ireland, you’re bound to fall in love with the RFID-lined organizer panel. It’s not enough for this bag to protect all of the essentials you’ve brought on your journey; it also wants to keep your personal info safe from prying eyes. The two front pockets of the bag make it incredibly easy to grab whatever you need when you’re on the go. Whether you’re scooping out some snacks or grabbing your tickets, you will appreciate how effortless this backpack makes everything. Large grab handles make it simple to grab the bag out of compartments and toss it wherever you’re headed next. The fleece pocket inside permits you to keep your electronic devices in pristine condition — even if your method of transportation is creating some turbulence. A mesh pocket encourages you to sip some water on your sojourn, while the breathable mesh fabric keeps you cool — even when you’re enmeshed in the hottest climes. If you need a little more room to pack more items, checkout a large duffle bag to make your journey easier.

The Magic of Traveling Light

All of the aforementioned bags help you to avoid the most common travel faux pas — packing too much. Why weigh yourself down when it’s so easy to square yourself away with your most excellent essentials. Spark your own personal sense of freedom as you toss a bathing suit into your bag and pair it with a great evening outfit. After all, some of the best ensembles are completely unplanned. Take a walk on the wild side and pack just two pairs of shoes — and leave some room in your bag for a few souvenirs. In a world that is so often predictable and planned, use your packing prowess to unlock a whole new side of yourself. Cast off the nets and become the type of traveler you’ve always wanted to be.

Author: Joseph Daniels