SWISSGEAR 101: Best Backpacks for Your Commute

Best Commuter Backpacks

Backpacks & Bags to Make your Commute Enjoyable

Your take-along tote of choice, particularly the bag you carry with you on your daily commute, can make the difference between a smooth transition from home to work and a big headache. The best type of commuter backpack is versatile, portable and has plenty of secure pockets for items large and small. Travel Backpacks are excellent for commuting through the city life, and are great for excursions in other countries. Check out the following smart options in commuter backpacks that have a place for everything and look great too.

2750 USB Deluxe Scansmart Laptop Backpack with LED Light

2750 USB Deluxe Scansmart Laptop Backpack with LED Light

A laptop backpack bag with secure, zippered pockets designed for all the items you need on your commute cuts down on your travel time and stress. The Swissgear 2750 Deluxe pack with LED lighting helps you stay organized and prepared every day of the week.

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With 35 liters of cargo space, the 2750 holds plenty of stuff. Its specially designed laptop compartment is zipper-secured and outfitted with both a fleece-padded computer backpack sleeve and a secure tablet pocket. What’s more, this pack is optimized for quick trips through the TSA lines at the airport. Dedicated slip pockets hold your adapter cords and extra batteries too.

The main cargo hold has an interior LED light that makes it simple to find what you need, even in a train tunnel, and it turns itself off automatically. A slip pocket holds your important work files, and a breathable mesh pocket is a great place to stow your snacks.

The backpack also provides you with specific places for your:

  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Pens and pencils
  • Work files
  • Cellphone
  • Keys
  • ID and payment cards
  • Gym clothes

With the expandable side apparel/shoe compartment, you can go right from work to the gym. Simply stuff your sweaty gym clothes in the provided pouch for the trip home. The insulated pocket keeps cold or hot beverages at optimum temperature longer. A steel-reinforced grab handle ensures a firm grip on your gear. even if you have to run for the bus.

5358 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack

Another great option with a bit less bulk, the Swissgear 5358 Backpack offers many of the same premium features as the Deluxe. Simply add a battery pack to make use of the phone charger and USB functions. With room for more than 31 liters of essentials, the 5358 is ideal for your daily commute.

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5358 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack

One of the features that set this travel friendly backpack apart is an internal shoe compartment that you can access easily through a side zipper. That way, you can change from your comfy flats to your shiny office kicks in an instant.

Stow all your small yet sensitive items, such as your tablet and other small electronics, neatly in the organizer pocket. An insulated pocket keeps your morning coffee and water bottle at the right temperature for maximum enjoyment.

The Swissgear suspension system includes a sternum strap so the bag stays put, securing your load in that sweet spot where it feels most comfortable. Your sunglasses nestle in a fleece-lined, crush-free pouch, ready when you are.

There is even an add-a-bag trolley strap for linking your luggage together. Travel friendly backpacks like this one make navigating busy airports and boarding flights far less of a hassle.

Swissgear 9275 Laptop Backpack - Gray

9275 Laptop Backpack

With similar features yet rocking its own individual vibe, the 2909 commuter pack comes with the interior LED light feature. You’ll feel like a secret agent with all of the hidden compartments these travel friendly backpacks offer. For example, this one has cleverly concealed pockets in its padded straps that are just right for your cellphone or other small electronics.

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You’ll love the integrated charging port that is uber-convenient for topping off your handheld gadgets on the run. The pack also has a zippered bottom compartment for spare shoes and a water bottle pouch, so you can be ready for a lunch-hour spin session right on time.

Convertible Backpacks for Commuters

If you are not usually a backpack person but love to be organized, prepared and stylish on your commute, check out the convertible backpack options from Swissgear. These travel friendly backpacks offer versatility in stylish profiles that keep you in tune with office trends.

2871 Tote Backpack

Tote bag, handbag, shoulder bag or cross-body carrier, the 2871 Tote Backpack offers all four iterations to suit your cargo and your mood. The shoulder straps are detachable, transforming the backpack into a sleek-looking professional bag. Opt to use the cross-body strap to leave your hands free for that morning latte, or snag the no-nonsense tote handles when you are in a rush.

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2871 Tote Backpack

Smart diagonal zippers reveal handy exterior slip pockets while the top zipper opens to a roomy main cargo space. Your electronics stay safe in their designated fleece-lined pockets. Additionally, the 2871 convertible backpack comes with a removable back panel trolley strap that fits snugly over your carry-on luggage handle, so it is also a great travel companion.

Swissgear 2913 Hybrid Briefcase Backpack - Black

2913 Hybrid Briefcase Backpack

The 2913 Hybrid Briefcase Backpack is another sterling example of just how versatile a a carry-all bag can be. This convertible briefcase features the ultimate in design ingenuity. Upright, it sports a traditional backpack profile, but when you turn it on its side, it magically transforms into office mode.

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Grab handles on the top and side streamline conversion time, and the three-quarter zipper enables the case to open flat. An optional strap converts the case to a messenger bag when you need your hands free for other tasks.

Interior pockets safeguard your computer, work files, tablet, spiral notebooks and writing implements. Slip your power cords and adapter cords in beside them, and you’ll be set to check your messages in any location.

Save Time with the Best Backpacks for Commuting

Cut down on your commuting time by keeping your office essentials, workout gear and more safely stowed in an easy to organize, travel friendly backpack. Your daily trip will be more pleasant, and you will arrive at work looking relaxed, ultimately stylish and stress-free.

Author: Joseph Daniels