SWISSGEAR 101: 10 Tips for Business Travelers


Tip 1: Maintain the Right Attitude – Make Business Trips Memorable

You’re the fearless type of adventurer who knows what you want — and how to get it. Eschewing the status quo and diving into parts unknown with fearless abandon, you strive to make every trip memorable. Whether you’re traveling by train, plane or car, you always strive to make every moment magical. These 10 tips are for people like you, business travelers who make the most out of every opportunity.

Tip 2: Organization is Key When Traveling

Swissgear 2909 Scansmart Laptop Backpack

Why buy a regular backpack when you can get a 2909 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack that boasts an LED light? Finding what you need has never been so easy with this travel laptop backpack. This beguiling bag is the commuter backpack of your dreams. The dual organizer on the front pocket makes it easy for you to grab your favorite things in a hurry, while the large insulated pocket keeps your favorite beverage at its ideal temperature. With special slip pockets designed to cradle your cables, as well as zipper pouches in the main compartment, this backpack keeps you organized like no other. An integrated USB port and convenient steel cable handle make this bag a no-brainer for the commuter on the go.

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Swissgear 2909 Scansmart Laptop Backpack
Swissgear 2913 Hybrid Briefcase Backpack - Black

Tip 3: You Can Have It All with Versatility

Swissgear 2913 Hybrid Briefcase Backpack

When it comes to your travels, go big. The Swissgear 2913 Hybrid Briefcase Backpack in black provides the perfect reminder that business travelers can find everything they need in just one bag. Delight in the sublime stowaway straps, multitude of heavenly handles and convenient cross body straps. An RFID side pocket keeps your information secure while the cable u-shaped pocket is designed to secure your electronic helpers with style. With a daisy chain that allows you to pop on your gym bag or lunch box, this bag proves that you don’t have to sacrifice anything when pursuing your dreams.

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Tip 4: Embrace the Road Warrior in You

Swissgear 8869 16″ Rolling Tote

Let’s face it; you were born to live a life less ordinary. The Swissgear 8869 16″ Rolling Tote exists as a brilliant reminder that commuter luggage needn’t be stodgy. When you’re hopping onto the bus, that telescoping handle will make all the difference. And the compression straps allow you to leave your extra garment bag at home as you enjoy the majesty of traveling light. Every road warrior will appreciate the fact that there’s a dedicated space for work files. If you’ve been in the market for a convertible backpack, this terrific tote ought to top your list of favorites. If you need more room to carry your important items, check out our luggage sets.

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Swissgear 8869 16" Rolling Tote

Tip 5: Be TSA Friendly

Life becomes easier when the TSA is on your side. And with the Swissgear 6590 18″ Geneva Wheeled Carry On Luggage, you can stroll up to that security line with pride. Its garment compression panels and easily expandable nature allow you to fit some garment souvenirs into your bag, while the sturdy body and ballistic polyester fabric keep everything safe and secure. Like to take a dip in the ocean before heading back from a work trip? You’ll love the wet bag feature. Maintenance free wheels and a telescoping handle make it a breeze to scoot from one location to the next — even when you’re in a huge hurry. A zippered front pouch keeps everything you need accessible when you’re in transit.

Tip 6: Enjoy Your Weekends

Grab the trolley strap and strap in for an exciting weekend with the Swissgear 6067 21″ Garment Duffle Bag in black. Embrace the excitement of being able to pack in enough outfits for three days — and then hanging them neatly on your hotel room door with the convertible garment bag feature. Of course, since accessories make the outfit, there are also side pockets made to accommodate your shoes and jewelry. Grab handles and a shoulder strap make it even easier to tote around town when you’re on your way to the next adventure.

Tip 7: Stay Happy and Healthy

When you’re on the move, it can be easy to forget to imbibe enough. But chances are that you want to remain happy and healthy on your trip, so keep the climate in mind and drink even more liquids on warm days. Backpacks like the 2909 ScanSmart laptop backpack make it easy to tote around your water bottle in style.

Tip 8: Be Flexible

Today, it’s all about being flexible. Whether you’re in the workplace or hanging out at home, it’s likely that you’re being called upon to be more versatile and multi-talented than ever before in your life. Sensational softsided luggage keeps your prized possessions clean and safe as you gallavant across the globe.

Tip 9: Stay Connected with a USB Friendly Bag

Remember, USB cords won’t be of much help — unless they’re connected to a power bank that can charge up your electronics in a jiffy. Power banks serve as a great investment for travelers, many of whom would be lost without their technological assistance.

Tip 10: Travel with Pride, Love What You Do

Life is too short to invest in a bag that you don’t love. These days, you don’t need to compromise. Finding a sturdy, versatile bag that is TSA friendly is the name of the game. And you might be surprised by just how many fabulous features you can find in all of the aforementioned travel bags. This time, take to the skies with pride.

Author: Joseph Daniels