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Author: Shanae Hardy

Shanae Hardy is the Copy Writer and Content Editor for With a knack for creating compelling content for audiences, she has experience in producing and editing digital content for magazines, newspapers, and digital platforms. As a passionate storyteller, she aims to display the diverse lifestyles that connect the world of backpacks.

Enter “The Most Haunted City in America” at your own risk--you never know who or what might be lurking around the corner. This Halloween, embark on a chilling escape to New Orleans, a city known for its eccentric culture and grueling celebrations. With a legacy of Voodoo intertwined in its rich cultural history, New Orleans conjures a grimacing experience each year with its prominent festivals and costume revelry.

Even with its reputation as an unparalleled tropical destination, Maui always finds new ways to impress. This Hawaiian island boasts an array of gorgeous beaches, hidden waterfalls, volcanic landscapes and lush greenery within its 727 square miles. Visitors spend their days snorkeling with sea turtles, hiking through rainforests and feasting at luaus.

Florida’s third most populous city, Orlando bustles with cultural venues. From museums to theatres to art galleries to manicured gardens, the city, splayed in the very heart of the state, boasts a vibrant character. And yet – its claim to world fame is rather singular. Theme parks.
The city has a dozen of amusement parks that offer adventures of various kinds – from hair-raising roller coaster rides to jaunts into the wizardly universe of Harry Potter to close encounters with wildlife. With the thrill streaming outside the parks and into their affiliated and appropriately themed hotels, restaurants and spas, Orlando is the place to create unforgettable family memories.