Grab a Sweater (or Three) and Head to Seattle

It’s not surprising that one of the greatest rom-coms of all time was penned about Seattle. Something about this sweet city lends itself to romance. Whether it’s the infamously constant, romantic rain, or the cultural opportunities that can arise, this is a place that attracts many creative types. Even breakfast in Seattle can become an almost spiritual occasion. Experience the bedazzling beauty of Lowell’s, a Seattle brunch spot snuggled within the famous Pike Place Market. Order up one of their delicious derivations of eggs and allow yourself to gaze upon what is perhaps the most stunning view you will ever witness at a restaurant. Feast your eyes upon the glorious Puget Sound as you sip on coffee and take in the sights.

Pike Place, Please

After your bountiful breakfast, take the requisite stroll around Pike Place Market and see what all the fuss has been about for the past 100 years. If you need to pick up any trinkets for a friend, this is a fabulous place to start. With artisanal specialties and crafts unique to the area all in abundance, you may even want to start your holiday shopping here. And if you’re looking for a good place to take pics for your social media, a quick snap at Pike Place Market is an absolute necessity for any Seattle trip. Grab a water bottle or a cup of joe and make sure you get some great scenery in the background; it won’t be difficult at all.

Speaking of Coffee…

You may have heard rumors that a wildly popular chain of coffee shops got its humble start in the city. In this case, the rumors are as right as rain. Nestled next to the waterfront is the very first Starbucks location. Hop in line and prepare yourself for the magic that is 1912 Pike. Although the shop is smaller than one might expect for such a historic hotspot, it’s played host to many, many tourists over the years. There’s always a line outside, and you’re bound to see visitors posing for amateur photoshoots in front of the very first Starbucks sign.

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Coffee, Books and Other Precious Pacific Northwest Remembrances

Seattle is a city that may put your travel organization skills to the test. After all, you’re almost guaranteed to have a dazzling array of items packed up when you depart. Also, depending upon the time of year, you’ll want to pack for a variety of weather possibilities. For those who are partial to softside luggage, it’s difficult to imagine anything more delightful than the SWISSGEAR 6283 3PC EXPANDABLE SPINNER LUGGAGE SET. Featuring fabulous fabric that was constructed to last for the long haul, this spectacular set boasts bags that all possess a telescoping handle. Their expandable nature makes them flexible for all your travel needs. When you need to pack up a lot of coffee in a hurry, you’ll be grateful for their spaciousness. And when you need to hustle down the Seattle streets, you’ll appreciate the fact that this spinner luggage moves as quickly as you do.

Relive the Space Age

When it comes to architecture, there’s one must-see building in Seattle that you’ll have to visit. Built for the World’s Fair over 50 years ago, the Space Needle is one of the most beloved landmarks in the entire city. Hop on one of the super-fast elevators to reach the top in a stunning 41 seconds. From the observation deck, you’ll be able to glimpse glorious views of the mountains, the sound, and downtown Seattle. You’ll learn all about the fascinating history of this beautiful building, which has provided the backdrop for countless marvelous memories over the years.

A City Full of Creative Energy — A Nirvana, If You Will

There’s no doubt that you’ve listened to some of the most celebrated luminaries to have come out of Seattle’s exciting music scene. All over the city, you’ll be able to experience the sights that inspired Kurt Cobain and his cohorts during their time making music that would later influence the entire world. Cruise by the Museum of Pop Culture and see some of the instruments and other important artifacts that survived the infamous grunge scene. And while you’re at the MOPop, don’t forget to visit the gift shop and place all of your fantastic finds lovingly into your SWISSGEAR 1900 SCANSMART LAPTOP BACKPACK. With ample space for your laptop, water bottle, and tablet, this roomy bag is TSA friendly and made with a special polyester fabric known for its extraordinary durability. The large zippers and ventilation tech make it a very convenient, portable bag that will allow you to soak up amazing Seattle vibes.

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Proper Travel Organization Sparks Inspiration

When you’re ideally equipped for a trip to Seattle, anything can happen. And when your tablet is so close and handy in your backpack, you may find yourself dreaming and sketching and writing songs a bit more than usual. But Seattle isn’t just a place for musicians; in fact, many a fine filmmaker has made their start in this city. Before hopping on a Seattle-bound plane with your TSA friendly softside luggage or grabbing that telescoping handle to run towards your terminal, treat yourself to a Lynn Shelton film festival at home. The Seattle director’s films perfectly personify the unique and engaging character of the city. When you take a close look at her beautiful shots of the city, you’re bound to fall in love.

It’s All About Festivals

In the summertime especially, Seattle plays host to a great many festivals. People love the long days and the light, not to mention all of the great breweries around town. Indeed, a trip to this city is bound to put a smile on your face for years to come. Nothing compares to that first feeling of flying into SEA-TAC and seeing that first gorgeous burst of green trees beneath you. For many of us, it’s the closest we’ll get to heaven on earth.

Author: Joseph Daniels