Exploring Edinburgh, Scotland

There's a Reason James Bond Is Scottish

There’s a Reason James Bond Is Scottish

Any international man or woman of mystery needs to go to Edinburgh at least one time in their lives—if not many more. Tucked into these heavenly hills is a kind of magic that is spectacularly specific to the area. You’ll have to be careful about losing yourself in the lush scenery too much, though. Unlike James Bond, you only have one ID—and it’s on your person, not squirreled away in a Swiss bank safe deposit box. The Swissgear RFID Protection Wallet will make life a million times easier as you gallivant about Edinburgh eating haggis and sticky toffee pudding.

The 900D polyester material of this wallet makes it sturdy so it holds up against Scotland’s brilliantly blustery weather. Large enough for boarding passes, currency and your passport, it will make you feel secure about toting around your ID during tartan fittings and other necessary outings. Organization is key while you’re traveling, which is why its bill compartments and slip pockets allow you to put everything neatly in its place. Perhaps the best part of the entire setup, however, is the 48-inch cord you can wear around your neck. Since the cord is adjustable and the wallet is thin enough to fit under your new Scottish sweater, it’s an extremely convenient accessory for your adventures. Make all of your Highlander fantasies a reality with this wanderlust wallet.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Artsy Types Like to Visit in the Summer

Whether you’re a performer or just an excellent audience member, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of the premier arts events in the world. Since comedy is the main thrust of the fest, those who like to giggle will especially enjoy all of the offerings. As festivals go, it’s also very inclusive. When you have a special talent you want to show off, this is your chance.

Let’s say you feel like brushing off that commedia dell’arte performance you did when you minored in Theatre Arts. Any performer worth their salt knows what such a performance will require only the best costumes. This means you’ll need to make sure that your treasured jester hats and masks arrive in Edinburgh safely. You’ll need the appropriate luggage, and the Swissgear 7510 28″ Hardside Spinner Luggage in Olive is the perfect product to protect all of those pretty props. The exterior of the bag is so shiny and green that it’s almost reminiscent of Scotland itself.

When it’s showtime, you’ll appreciate the fact that this bag boasts elastic tie-down straps, cinch pockets, a side zip pocket and a lot of space for all of your wonderful wigs. There’s even a wet pocket to save you if the performance gets a little weird! This hard-sided slice of heaven is a bit like your own passport to becoming a Scottish sensation. Once you’ve returned from your stint as a performer, your friends may not even recognize you anymore! The grab handles and the telescopic lift handle make it easy to bring this bag backstage—just like the eight wheels that will propel your bag to the performance on time. Your travel style has never been so ready for the red carpet.

The Scotch Whisky Experience Tour

Whisky Business

After your performance, chances are that you’ll be ready for a drink or two. Luckily, you happen to be in the right place; in fact, it’s difficult to envision a better place on the planet to find an exceptional cocktail. On the Scotch Whisky Experience Tour, you can even get a taste of the action as you become part of the manufacturing process. You’ll take a barrel ride and then let the whisky experts know where your particular tastes tend to lie. Whether you prefer your scotch smokey or sweet—or perhaps with even a hint of fruit—the scotch geniuses here will assist you with finding the ideal whisky for your palate. If you fall in love with a particular bottle, consider checking with your airline and seeing if you can give it a new home.

“Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead”-Scots Proverb

Let’s face it—sometimes you need an escape from it all. And in Edinburgh, you can find exactly that. For a fascinating foray into the nature of Scotland, you won’t want to miss Water of Leith. Chances are you may not have even known about this treasure, which offers an up-close-and-personal look at Scottish wildlife. It’s the perfect place to take a load off and relax when unwinding after some of the more intense activities Edinburgh offers. There’s even a visitor’s center to help you learn more about conservation efforts. You’ll definitely want to nab some social media pictures here, letting your followers know that your trip also possesses an altruistic purpose.

the way Edinburgh operated back in the 1600s

Did You Know Scotland Is Spooktacular?

One simply does not travel to Scotland without indulging in a bit of the occult, and this is what you’ll find at Mary King’s Close. Offering a glimpse into the way Edinburgh operated back in the 1600s, this is one of the best guided tours you’ll find in the city. Beneath an area that’s practically a booming metropolis now, visitors can learn about the gritty earlier history of the city. Of course, tales of hauntings abound. You’ll discover a lot about the mysterious former residents that caused this area to become so notorious.

Travel Like a Laird with Luxurious Luggage

Travel Like a Laird with Luxurious Luggage

No trip to Edinburgh would be complete without spending at least one night in a castle. If you’re interested in channeling the spirit of Edward Longshanks or even Oliver Cromwell, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to see Dalhousie Castle up close and personal. Lucky for you, the castle has been transformed into a heavenly hotel. Don’t be afraid to grab your 7510 19-inch Hardside Spinner Luggage. When it’s time to spin your way into the castle, the wonderful telescopic handle and spectacular spinner wheels will allow you to do so with ease. This is the bag that will make you reconsider what you thought was possible for carry-on luggage. Bask in the serenity of excellent organization as you enjoy the elastic cinch pockets and tie-down straps. After your whisky tour, you’ll want to slip a water bottle into the bag and get hydrated at the hotel. You’ll be grateful for the sturdy construction of this bag, which amps up your travel style and simultaneously protects your laptop and tablet with ease. Bask in the glow of battle as you admire the rubber hand grips and side mesh pocket. You don’t have to be as cunning as William Wallace to know that this spacious bag is truly sensational.

Explore the Edinburgh Vaults

Grab Your Tablet and Let Your Carry-on Luggage Take You on an Adventure

In Edinburgh, there’s something delightfully decadent about just wandering around the city and seeing what sort of excitement you can find. Maybe you’ll want to explore the Edinburgh Vaults—or maybe you’ll want to grab a pint in the pub. Whatever you decide upon, the Swissgear 5505 Laptop Backpack provides the perfect place to stow your water bottle and laptop while you’re tearing through this ancient city. Padded pockets keep all of your valuables safe and secure, allowing you to make memories in this magnificent metropolis. With three compartments, as well as a breathable ergonomic system that keeps you cool throughout the day, this is a bag that was designed specifically with the adventurous traveler in mind. After all, romping through Scotland was never for the faint of heart. If you’re pedaling around town, make sure you attach a blinking light to the front panel web vista loop. A mini loop allows you to hang the bag neatly on a hook at the pub, while a D-ring buckle makes attaching gear easier than ever. There’s so much beauty in the idea of a laptop backpack that permits you to shed the weight of a big bag, yet still holds onto all of your items as you explore.

Fall for Edinburgh Old Town

Fall for Edinburgh Old Town

Although there are so many activities to partake in throughout the city, Old Town may be your best bet for pristine pictures and entertainment. The aforementioned Mary King’s Close is far from the only hotspot in this riveting region of Edinburgh. Check out Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish digs—Palace of Holyroodhouse—and take a gander at Scottish Parliament as you immerse yourself in the Royal Mile. St Giles Cathedral is another must-see attraction, as are the numerous nightclubs around town. Before you leave Scotland, you absolutely must kick your heels up and go dancing at one of these lovely establishments.

When you’re in the mood for more intellectual stimulation, try out the National Museum of Scotland. You’ll find some of your favorite artists here, as well as T-rex skeleton. Food connoisseurs will fall for the Tower Restaurant, which has been renowned across the world for its cuisine. When you’re craving a cocktail before you leave Edinburgh, it’s time to head to Sligh House, where the drinks would be enough to impress even James Bond. At Cabaret Voltaire, meanwhile, the DJs are spinning some of the best tunes in town. It’s a spot that is mainly frequented by locals, so you’ll be able to observe what makes Edinburgh’s soul so sensational. You’ll have memories for life when you leave this place, making your spirit animal James Bond ever so happy.

Author: Joseph Daniels