Exploring Carnevale in Venice, Italy

Veneician Mask

Things to Do at Carnevale in Venice, Italy

Make your winter pop with a trip to Carnevale, an annual fete that takes place during the two weeks leading up to Lent in Venice, Italy. Enter one of the many costume contests, witness the traditional Flight of the Angels, and dance the night away at one of several masquerade balls. These are events you will never forget, and Venice, the City of Canals, is a place you will want to visit more than just once. Make sure your trip goes smoothly with the right luggage and gear to keep all your essentials together.

Carnval-Venice Itally

The Festival

This traditional Venetion celebration dates to 1162. Like the French Mardis Gras, it takes place prior to Lent as a final blowout before the period of fasting and pennance. Carnevale draws visitors from the four corners of the world as well as Europe with the promises of dancing, dress-up, feasting and other expressions of excess.

Traveling to Venice, Italy

Getting to Venice

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Carnevale Venice, Italy Festival Mask

Venetian Masks and Masquerade Balls

One of the most iconic features of the celebration are the Venetian masks. A time-honored tradition with roots in the Middle Ages, wearing masks was a way for Venetians to blur the lines between strict class distinctions that defined them the rest of the year. With a mask, they could be anyone they chose, from the richest to the most beautiful.

Made of leather, glass or porcelain, the original masks were not ornate. As the pre-Lenten festival evolved over the centuries, however, authentic Venetian masks became more elaborate and decorative. Today they might shimmer with gold leaf and gemstones. They may be crowned with feathers or horns. Paint, applied by hand, is the finishing touch.

If you attend a masked ball, you will have ample time to admire the artistry of the finest handmade masks in Italy. Many styles are traditional, as are the fine silk and satin costumes people will be wearing.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Mascheranda Grand Ball, which takes place in the Palazzo Pisani Moretta, a breathtaking castle that overlooks Venice’s Grand Canal. The mysterious waters reflect the romantic candle flames from the windows above.

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Festival Events

The traditional opening event of this Venice festival is a fabulous parade of boats along the city’s Grand Canal. Wonderful illuminated floats, such as giant jellyfish, against the backdrop of the night sky and dark, silken water make a memorable vision. Flame dancers, characters with luminous wings or ladies with backlit gowns adorn gondolas carved with dragon’s heads and other mythical creatures.

A few days later, the Flight of the Angel takes place around midday at Saint Mark’s Square. Also a longstanding tradition, this event features a person dressed as an brightly-hued angel with butterfly-style wings flying high above the square from the bell tower to the Doge’s residence.

These and many other traditions during the Venice festival are very popular and quite crowded. You should make sure you have all the supplies you need to enjoy the festival securely packed. Organization is key, because when you are in a crowd, it is difficult to stop and dig through your backpack. So keep everything, from your water bottle to your snacks, easy to locate.

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Other Entertainment

Some other highlights of the Venice festival include daily costume parades where you can view some of the incredibly intricate costumes and creative masks people are wearing. Throughout the celebration, street performers and food vendors play an important role in the carnival atmosphere and certainly add to the fun.

The Grand Theater in St. Mark’s Square features entertainment, music, contests and a children’s story hour. You can even take part in free tours of some of the city’s finest museums during your stay. The fantastic finale to the entire spectacle is the fireworks display on the closing day.

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Author: Joseph Daniels