Rich in history and ripe for exploration, Croatia’s Adriatic Coast is an exquisite setting for your honeymoon, romantic getaway or retirement trip. The azure seas bathe the coastline with their incredible clarity while lush vineyards wash the hillsides with verdure. Expect the unexpected when you set your sights on a Croatian vacation, and pack everything efficiently for the ultimate adventure.

What You Need to Bring to the Adriatic Coast

If you are traveling to Croatia in the spring and summer months, be sure to bring your swimming gear. You can swim on a different beach every day of your trip without visiting the same place twice. With more than 1,100 miles of coastline and more than 1,000 coastal islands to explore, you’ll be basking, swimming and boating throughout your stay.

You can travel fairly light, with shorts, sandals and swimsuits making up the bulk of your vacation clothing. You’ll also need a suitcase that won’t slow you down. The Swissgear 7330 27″ Cascade Expandable Hardside Luggage in seaside teal or grey is just right for your Mediterranean vacation.

One, it sports four double spinner wheels that give you 360-degree maneuverability. When you’re vying for a taxi at the airport or whisking through a crowded hotel lobby, you want luggage that effortlessly matches your every move.

Two, it’s expandable. The 27″ profile of this hardside luggage is ideal for a couple weeks on the sunny Croatia coastline. You can fit all of your belongings neatly in the organized interior of the Swissgear Cascade suitcase. Remember, though, that you typically bring more back than you started out with, once you add souvenirs and gifts for those at home. That’s where expandability is golden.

Three, the Swissgear Expandable Hardside Luggage looks fabulous. Its sleek design and style-savvy colors make you look like a star, and the hard-sider format prevents it from getting squished in the cargo hold.

Pair it up with the 19″ Swissgear 7330 Cascade Expandable Carry On, and your luggage needs are covered. This spinner meets size regulations for onboard bin storage and provides the same hard-sided expandability and exceptional good looks as its 27″ twin.

Must Sees in Croatia

Before you head out to explore, pack a few essentials in your 1753 Swissgear ScanSmart Laptop Backpack. A water bottle, your tablet or lightweight laptop for looking up directions and snacks will keep you up and running all day long.

Designed for comfort and ease of organization, this travel backpack makes a great daypack as well as a carry on to and from your Adriatic destinations. Its ScanSmart technology means you breeze through security without unpacking your sensitive electronics. Padded, ergonomic straps keep you comfortable even with a full load, and advanced ventilation ensure you keep your cool throughout your sunny seaside sojourns.

You’ll love blending into the friendly throngs in Dubrovnik with your stealth monochrome Swissgear travel backpack. It makes you feel right at home, too, knowing that whatever you need is just a quick zip away.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


This coastal city overlooks the ultra-marine waters of the Adriatic. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town section of this Croatian city is as picturesque as it is intriguing. Stone buildings with terra cotta roofs rim the harbor in the lovely historic district. An ancient stone wall, up to 20 feet thick in places, borders the outskirts of the city with over a mile of fortification. Original turrets and towers provide viewpoints over land and sea.

Despite being steeped in history, the city is a vibrant, bustling place with plenty to keep you busy on your visit. As a resort town, it is a great place to immerse yourself in the local culture and rub elbows with the locals. Start in the center of the city at the awe-inspiring Saint Blaise Church with its distinctive domed tower soaring skyward.

Speaking of skyward, you can get a 350-degree view of Dubrovnik from atop Mount Srd. Simply hop aboard the cable car, which drops you off near the grounds of the 19th-century Imperial Fortress. Once you arrive in this visitors’ aerie, you can enjoy views of nearby islands, a Mediterranean meal at the Panorama Restaurant, and shops offering local souvenirs such as Ohrid pearls and Ragusan perpera coins.

Mljet National Park

Mljet Island, Croatia

Before you leave the vicinity, take a trip to Mljet Island, just to the north of Dubrovnik. You can get there from the city by daily ferry boat, catamaran ferry or charter. Must see sights in the Mljet National Park include two warm salt water lakes. A charming 12th-century Benedictine monastery sits on a tiny island in the center of the larger lake. Bicycle and kayak rentals are available nearby.

Be sure to bring along a good supply of sunscreen, lip protection and other small essentials so you can look and feel your best on your island jaunt. You can pack all your cosmetics and first-aid supplies in your Swissgear 2657 Dopp Kit.

With a large main compartment, a separate zipped bottom section and a mesh pocket, your stuff stays organized so you can easily find what you need when you need it. The Swissgear Dopp Kit helps you secure your small items, so you won’t need to dig around in the bottom of your pack to find that elusive tube of lip balm as you paddle or pedal.

Zadar’s Sea Organ

Once you’re back on the mainland, head north along the coast to another must see destination in Zadar. The town’s unique Sea Organ is a 70-meter-long seaside stairway. The marble steps feature small openings on each riser that transform the surf and wind sounds into musical notes.

Roman Ruins in Pula

As you explore the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, be sure to continue northwest to Pula, a town on the tip of the country’s Istrian Peninsula. Not only does Pula boast a beautiful, sheltered harbor, but it also offers you the chance to view authentic Roman ruins.

Pula boasts a strategic location, and it has been rebuilt numerous times after sieges and occupations by foreign forces. The remains of a Roman-built arena from around 27 B.C. are remarkably well-preserved and open for tours.

Other ruins in and around Pula include the Gate of Hercules, a carved stone arch, the Forum, located in the historic center of town, and the Twin Gates. The Arch of the Sergii, a family monument from the era of Augustus, is another breathtaking sight in the heart of the city.

Pula boasts plenty of other activities and destinations for visitors. If you long for fresh air and natural scenery, immerse yourself in nature in Brijuni National Park, located on the largest of an archipelago of islands in the Fazana Strait. While you’re there, take a tour of the Safari Park too.

Croatia’s Adriatic Coast is a wonderful location for your next vacation. Take the worry out of packing and keeping track of your essential stuff with the help of Swissgear, and free yourself to focus on exploring one of the world’s most beautiful places.


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Author: Joseph Daniels