Explore Tulum, Mexico

The Weather Is Right for Traveling Light

There are few places on earth that boast weather as tantalizingly temperate as that of Tulum. Situated adjacent to the Riviera Maya, it’s one of those rare spots in the world where you can find both culture and ultimate relaxation. Tulum tends to be one of those destination spots where you can sometimes find last-minute vacation deals, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself making plans just a few days before. There’s no need for formal clothes—just pull out your best beachwear, swimsuit, and sunscreen. Indeed, a trip to Tulum is the perfect opportunity to travel light with the SwissGear 6283 21″ Expandable Carry-On Spinner so you don’t have to worry about checking your bag. Many travelers don’t know that it’s possible to have carry-on luggage, spinner luggage, and softside luggage sets all in the same package! You’re a discriminating traveler who wants it all—and this is the bag that gives it to you. Travelers may also opt to take a travel backpack on board with you as well.

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And it doesn’t matter if it takes you a while to wrap up things at the office before embarking on your glamorous getaway. These wheels were made for walkin’. This SwissGear bag’s spectacular spinner wheels can be maneuvered in any direction you require as you sail through the security line. The telescoping handle makes it easy for you to pull your bag towards paradise as you proceed towards the gate. The light weight exterior is a hard shell luggage. The fully lined interior and tie-down straps make traveling in style a breeze. All of your travel-friendly accessories will slide nicely into the packing pocket, freeing you up to focus on more important things on the flight down—like when you’re going to get a chance to hit the beach.

¡Viva México!

Once you land in Cancun, don’t forget to pick up some pesos at the airport. Visit the currency exchange before hopping on a shuttle to Tulum; you’ll be glad you did. You’d be surprised at how many excellent restaurants in Tulum only take the local currency. Also, you may want to visit some markets and pick up a souvenir or two. Once you’ve loaded up on pesos and you’re on your way to this ultimate destination, don’t forget to look out the window to catch a glimpse of the splendid scenery! After you arrive in Tulum, you won’t want to waste a minute. Take advantage of the wondrous weather and release your inner beach bum.

Speaking of Paradise…

For those looking to chillax and snorkel, it’s all about Playa Paraíso. Before you head out to the playa, you’ll want to bring along your handy beach bag. This SwissGear 2615 Sports Bag is a cinch sack that’s not just aesthetically appealing—it’s also surprisingly roomy. The durable polyester rope makes it easy to just slip the bag onto your back, while the top web handle makes it oh so simple to just grab and go. Pack a water bottle that you’ve purchased ahead of time; remember that you won’t want to be drinking tap water in Tulum, just to be on the safe side. Toss a beach towel into this dazzling daypack, which boasts a nifty hidden side pocket that is the perfect spot for storing your phone. After all, you’re going to want to document your day at this beautiful beach. Since Playa Paraíso is one of the less busy beaches in Tulum, so you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some four-legged beachgoers who like to hang out there—the iguanas! Snap a picture of your new amigos for all your jealous friends back home. There’s also an organizing pocket that can help to keep your pesos and keys separate from the rest of your beach day items.


It’s called a cinch sack for a couple of reasons and the one we like the most is that it’s easy to use. The Swissgear 2615 Sports Bag certainly fits that role, making carrying around a light load over short distances, well…a cinch!

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Time to Be Touristy

When you’re traveling, it’s usually best to stay off the beaten path; this is good advice perhaps 99.9 percent of the time. Visiting the archaeological ruins in Tulum represents that 0.1 percent. Touring this timeless treasure is a singular experience; the pictures that you take on these cliffside ruins will probably look even better than those that you would have snapped if you’d snuck onto the Game of Thrones set. “El Castillo” (The Castle) is the part of the ruins from which Maya in the 1300s would have been guiding ships. The Temple of the Frescoes is exactly what it sounds like. There, you’ll find frescoes depicting religious scenes and Mayan gods. It’s enough to turn anyone into an archaeological addict, which is why no one could blame you for becoming a bit obsessed and maybe even taking the two-hour trip out to Chichén Itzá to indulge yourself even more. As a Unesco World Heritage Site, it is one of the great wonders on our planet.

Want to Feel Like the Hero of an Action Film?

Now, if you’re the type who truly can’t stand the idea of succumbing to any type of tourist trap, chances are you’re going to fall in love with the Muyil ruins. Conveniently located right off the highway, this is the undercover superstar of the archaeological extravaganza that is Tulum. It’s also one of the earlier sites in the area. Artifacts dating back to 300 BC have been found here, so you never know what sort of treasures you might glimpse while running around. Adventurers won’t be able to stop themselves from climbing up the steps to enjoy the observation tower. After you conquer that quest, if you’re so inclined, you may want to check out the nearby jungle—or even take a boat ride to witness the majesty of marine life in the area.

Playing Hooky (When You Need to Mix Business with Your Pleasure)

Let’s face it. Not all of us can get down to Tulum and totally escape work. If you’ve made a run for the border and told your boss that you’re “working from home”—hey, no one can blame you—you’ll want to bring your Swissgear 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack with you as you cavort around this holiday hotspot. In fact, no one will even blink if you bring your laptop backpack to the office before skedaddling to the airport. The ScanSmart technology allows you to get through security in a jiffy, as your 17-inch laptop can rest securely in your bag while the lay-flat tech does all the hard work. The back panel boasts Airflow technology so the warm weather in Mexico won’t weigh you down. Ballistic polyester construction accounts for the bag’s rugged design, while the TabletSafe™ pocket makes taking along your tablet easy as well. Water bottle pockets allow you to tote around your own water as you gallivant from site to site, making marvelous memories while everyone at the office back home is bored out of their skulls. The padded shoulder straps provide convenient comfort, allowing you to flit from hotspot to hotspot if you so desire…

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Day Trips for Days

If you feel like exploring the Yucatan even more, remember that all of the following places are just a hop, skip and a jump away: Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen. Soak up the sun and explore if you so desire—or stay close to the home base! You can’t go wrong when it comes to this amazing area. Feast on food from Casa Jaguar, where the ceviche is a big hit. You’d also be remiss not to head into town and visit Todos Santos, where the most magical mezcal in the region flows like an ancient Mayan waterfall.

Keeping It Casual…with Style

As we discussed previously, Tulum isn’t the kind of place where you’ll want to bring your ballgown or tux. It is, however, full of attractive people from all over the world. You never know when you might run into an alluring stranger, so keeping up appearances is key. Luckily, this SwissGear 16-Piece Carry-On Toiletry Set in Clear/Red will keep you looking as fab as you do back home. Actually, you’ll probably look much better with your new Tulum glow. The reusable PVC bag comes with four easy-squeeze bottles that are great for holding shampoo and conditioner. You’ve also got six polystyrene jars that can contain all manner of creams and serums that will keep you looking your best during the day and the evening. There’s something delightfully decadent about taking all of your favorite products with you—and leaving the big hairspray cans and moisturizer jars at home. And don’t forget your repellant products! Depending on what time of the year it is, keep in mind that you may run into some mosquitoes while you’re in Tulum.

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Get to Know Tulum’s Secrets Before You Leave

Word has it that Xamach Dos, a Tulum hotel, sits next to a Mayan cemetery and some off-the-beaten-path ruins. Politely contact the hotel and see if you might be able to have a meal there. Afterward, an employee may grant you the keys to the kingdom by letting you know where to find all the secret stuff. Punta Laguna Nature Reserve is another spot that is not to be missed. If you’ve ever wanted to see a monkey just chilling out in a tree, you cannot miss this luscious locale. In fact, there are a lot of sensational spots in Tulum that are just too entertaining and intriguing to miss. It may be time to call your bosses and let them know that you’ll be “working from home” for more than just a few days. Once the spirit and beauty of Tulum encircle you, it’s hard to escape the hypnotic clutches. So why fight it?

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