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Miami: Making Memories in the Magic City.

It shouldn’t take a Will Smith song to remind you that Miami is one of the most exciting hotspots in the world. A cultural melting pot unlike any other in the United States, this sizzling city dances to the beat of its own samba. Whether you’re in town for a quick weekend getaway or you’re coming for an extended Art Basel engagement, your time in this town will undoubtedly leave an indelible memory. If the beauty of the locals doesn’t lure you in right away, then the balmy weather will set your body ablaze.

Bienvenidos a Miami!

Why “Swim with the Fishes” When Alligators Abound? 

There’s something distinctly wild about Miami, and this is exemplified by one of its most notorious predators. When you swoop into town, you’ll want to leave your fears behind you and visit Everglades National Park, where you can glimpse these amazing alligators in their natural habitat. Of course, they’re not the only creatures who have lit up the Miami area with their controversial moves.

The Magic City boasts quite a colorful past, with notorious gangsters Griselda Blanco, Al Capone and Meyer Lansky all making it their headquarters at various points. Of course, any tourist worth their salt knows that watching Scarface before voyaging to Miami is an absolute must. Once you make it to Miami, there’s no shame if you want to locate your own perfect Al Pacino or Michelle Pfeiffer attire; stopping by the House of Findings at Upper Buena Vista should do the trick.

The House of Findings at Upper Buena Vista.

The Perfect Place to Combine Business and Pleasure.

While many of us are sent to Miami on business trips, that doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in some fun along the way. The Swissgear 5981 Backpack allows us to experience the best of both worlds. The slim exterior of the Swissgear 5981 laptop backpack permits its owner to move through crowds quickly, while the roomy, cushioned interior provides the perfect sweet spot for your precious laptop. After all, the best way to convince them to send you back to Miami ASAP is to do your best work. If you need to grab something quickly, the easily accessible top pocket will allow you to do so. A tablet sleeve ensures that your electronics stay comfy and cozy while you venture out in the city. The side pocket cradles your chargers and water bottles, while the padded shoulder pads ensure that you feel comfortable while strolling down Ocean Drive. This bag is padded in all the right places, allowing you to feel more confident during your Miami adventures.

Casa Casuarina and the Spirit of Versace.

Famous South Beach denizen Gianni Versace was a huge fan of marble—so much so that he even possessed a marble toilet with a gold-plated seat. While his sister Donatella may have sold off the throne, you can still stay at Versace’s house, which has been converted into a hotel these days. Although its name is Casa Casuarina, people still refer to it as the Versace Mansion—and you owe it to yourself to pay homage to the great fashion visionary by stopping by. After all, Versace played a big role in the Magic City’s resurgence after the wild times of the eighties. By bringing pals like Madonna into town, he put forward the idea that the city was for artists too.

Why not bring a bag that reflects the Italian designer’s love of opulence…and marble? The Swissgear 7579 is expandable, hardside luggage that’s meant to reflect your sense of style as you settle into the Magic City. With wheels that move 360 degrees, it’s meant to fly by the side of travelers who are flexible in every way. With a locking handle and a soft molded handle, it allows for easy grabbing—faster than you can snatch a Jeroboam of Dom Perignon at Nikki Beach. The ABS hardshell, however, makes this bag much, much less likely to break than a bottle of Dom. The packing pockets inside are deeper than a four-pound jar of caviar, allowing you to bring all your necessities. For those who need more wardrobe options, there’s always the 28-inch version. Clothing straps and mesh pockets make it easier to keep your precious items away from any South Beach alligators scheming to steal your style.

Manatee Bend Park

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

If you’ve never seen a manatee up close and personal…then what are you waiting for? These majestic sea cows are truly something else-and they can be spotted at Manatee Bend Park located at 465 NE 77th Street Rd, Miami, FL 33138. Watch them cavort and play—but don’t attempt to sidle up to them. Although they may look cuddly, they’re still wild sea animals! Weighing close to a ton, these beautiful beasts are meant to be admired from afar.

Miami: A Good Place to Go Antiquing
Miami: A Good Place to Go Antiquing

Miami: A Good Place to Go Antiquing? You Might Be Surprised

Although Miami may be better known for its nightlife than for its antiques, you may be surprised by the splendorous, one-of-a-kind items that can be found in this city. Part of this has to do with all of the retirees who make their homes nearby. A stunning amount of spectacular stuff is unloaded in Florida—and you can find some of it at Stone Age Antiques. Boasting a reputation for fair pricing and unique finds that can’t be located anywhere else, the store is also staffed with people who possess a passion for older items. Stroll around and see if you can find some knickknacks to bring home to the special people in your life.


Members Only.

Chances are that you’ve heard of the Soho House—a collection of members-only clubs across the world. Rumor has it that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their first date at the Soho House in London, so it’s tough to get more exclusive than that! While most of the Soho Houses around the planet are impossible to access unless you’re a member, Soho Beach House in Miami is also a hotel. Guests have access to an amazing array of amenities, allowing them to enjoy all of the privileges of being a VIP—without having to pay thousands of dollars and submit to a rigorous application process that entails garnering the support of two current members to nominate you. With its affordable rates, this hotspot hotel allows you to experience the Magic City at surprisingly affordable rates.

Need Some Peace from the Hustle and Bustle? 

Chances are that your trip to Miami is going to be action-packed. But some of us can only take so much adrenaline before we need to turn inward and reflect. When this is your goal, there’s no better place to frequent than Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple. Everyone who visits is treated marvelously by the monks, who aim to bring tranquility and peace to this party place. With a statue that is reported to have special powers, bringing joy to those who gaze upon its glory, it is easy to see why so many have sought refuge in this calming, meditative place. When it’s time to relax and disconnect from worldly worries, this is the right spot.


Stay Connected the Right Way.

Although you may fantasize about becoming a Buddhist monk after visiting War Buddharangsi, chances are that you may have some worldly responsibilities to tend to after being on vacay mode. The Swissgear 2700 USB Scansmart Backpack has zip pockets for power banks and adapters, allowing you to power up while on the go. Meanwhile, the lay-flat section makes life easier for you at the airport.
TSA agents will swoon at your savvy in picking up this beautiful bag and making it your own. The organizer pocket provides places for your necessities, making it simple to stay connected—no matter how many bridges you need to cross. Then there’s the ergonomic shoulder sleeves and breathable material, which allow you to take a deep breath of that balmy air for which Miami so well-known. Perfect for little jaunts to Key West, this backpack is so durable that not even Hemingway’s cats will be able to tear into it.

Will Smith Was Right About Miami

In his song praising the Magic City, the rapper waxes rhapsodic about all the beautiful cultures connecting in this magnificent metropolis. Praising the fact that the town is like Margi Gras every day, Smith also urges his listeners to get jiggy with it. When it’s time to get jiggy in Miami, Cuban music is always the answer. Hoy Como Ayer is a happening hangout that allows patrons to let it all hang out on the dance floor. Since it’s open until four in the morning, you’ll be able to party from sunset to sunrise.

Amid all of the fun and fanfare, you’ll revel in the true spirit of the city. It’s no secret that some of the most dance-worthy bands in the world have been birthed around these hotspots, including the aptly named Miami Sound Machine. As you exit the club in the early morning hours, the conga still buzzing in your ears, take in the city’s vivid scenery—an amalgamation of 1930s mansions and post-war buildings with vibrant colors. Keep turning the beat around as you hop onto the plane, although it’s likely that you’ll miss the sights and smells of this sizzling city. Built to appeal to all of your six senses, it’ll leave you feeling cooler than Don Johnson rocking a bright blazer in Miami Vice.

This is a place with a history unlike any other, and it makes no apologies for its standout style. Perhaps we could all learn a little from the Magic City!


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