Reinventing the Wheel

Did you know that the first wheels were invented over five millennia ago? At first, they were used exclusively by potters — and then people suddenly realized that the new invention could help them to cover long distances in a much shorter period of time. As a result, everything changed. Such is the case with the inventive way in which Swissgear has incorporated the wheel into their travel luggage designs. With every twist and turn, customers know that they’ve purchased the right gear for their trip. And although wonderful wheels are the name of the game here, it’s important to note that quantity isn’t everything when it comes to these scintillating circles. Quality is what counts. In fact, word on the street has it that two-wheeled luggage is all the rage right now. Which picturesque piece will you pick to cement your status as a free-wheeling and fun traveler?

Are Your Wheels Turning Yet? They Should Be

Swissgear 8869 16″ Rolling Tote – Black

Our ancestors used wheels the same way we do today — to travel. The miracle of modern living, however, is that we don’t need to participate in dangerous chariot races to get ahead. Our wheels can propel us to places that are so extraordinary, they loom over our thoughts like the sunset in Palm Springs. And if you’re headed to Palm Springs for a quick bachelor or bachelorette party weekend, no piece of luggage is quite so glam as Swissgear’s 8869 16″ Rolling Tote in Black. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to leave their work at home all the time. Fortunately, even Palm Springs can transform into a mobile office when you have the right resources at the ready.

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Swissgear 8869 16" Rolling Tote

Softside Rolling Luggage

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, this bag will win you over with its telescoping handles and organizational pockets that were built for easy access. With an inside compartment that is ideal for transporting files, it’s no wonder that so many fall in love with this spectacular softside luggage. Featuring compression straps that keep your blazers and business pants wrinkle-free while you’re in transit, it would appear that this bag’s designers truly went after the details that make all the difference. Constructed with strong fabric and hardware that has been made to stand the test of time, this is the kind of bag that can do double duty, helping you to rise high on the corporate ladder while also moonlighting as a weekend warrior in its own right. With inline wheels that were designed for such a quiet ride that a super stealth spy might want to acquire this bag, in addition to a reinforced top handle, two-wheeled luggage has never been quite so charming.

Swissgear 6590 18" Geneva Wheeled Carry On Luggage - Black

These Wheels Were Made for Walking

6590 18″ Geneva Upright Carry-On Wheeled Luggage

Delight in the pleasure of taking your garments with you on any trip — and knowing that they’ll arrive in exceptional shape. With the 6590 18″ Geneva Upright Carry-On Wheeled Luggage in black, Swissgear luggage has amped everything up by several notches. Whether you’re jetting off to Galway or Galilee, you’ve never seen softside luggage that warms the cockles of your heart the way this piece does. The organizational pockets alone will dazzle those who take the bag on any type of trip. Speaking of bags, a wet bag inside allows you to take a dip in the Dead Sea and head immediately to the airport — without having to worry about your clothes getting mixed up.

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Softside  Luggage w/ Organizational Compartments

Meanwhile, the small pouches — perfect for passports, chargers, and ties — will make your life even easier. With adjustable compression panels and a tri-fold garment bag that keep your apparel crisp, it’s never been so simple to look sharp when you’re on the move. This is softside luggage with a twist, reminding you that you can have the best of both worlds. And with dual wheels that were constructed to be used with gusto — and even to withstand many serious sidewalk jaunts — this bag was built to last for the long haul.

Fantastic Four-Wheeled Luggage: This Is One Quartet You’re Going to Love

Swissgear 6283 21″ Expandable Carry On Spinner Luggage

The best things in life are expandable. After all, you never know how many new treats you’re going to pick up on a given trip. Luckily, the Swissgear 6283 21″ Expandable Carry-On Spinner Luggage was crafted to expand and fit your luxe lifestyle. This softside luggage boasts the flexibility you need when globetrotting. After all, sometimes a trip will cause you to change direction without practically any warning.

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Swissgear 6283 21" Expandable Carry On Spinner Luggage
Swissgear 7366 18” Expandable Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage

From France to Finland: Fabulous Four-Wheeled Luggage You Can Trust

Swissgear 7366 18″ Carry-On Hardside Luggage

The best trip itineraries always expand, allowing you to live in the moment. This Swissgear 7366 18″ Carry-On Hardside Travel Luggage won’t just knock your socks off; it will also transport them in style. Swissgear luggage has become known for its terrific telescoping handles, and this piece presents the perfect example of why it’s considered one of the best pieces of carry on luggage.

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Navigate Your Luggage with Confidence

The whimsical wheels run the show, sparking a desire to go boldly and confidently in the direction of your deepest desires. Designed to resemble rims on a car, these 360-degree wonders are firmly rooted and riveted to the bag, bringing you the stability and sleek sophistication that you crave. When excitement and stability collide, magical moments can occur. Love the 7366 Carry on? Get the 3 piece Expandable Hardside luggage set and save up to 30%, just in case on your next trip you’ll need to bring along extra luggage.

Swissgear Luggage Makes Four-Wheeling Fun

Swissgear 6369 20” Expandable Spinner Luggage

When mobility is of the utmost importance, you won’t want to miss out on Swissgear’s 6369 20” Spinner Luggage. Its four fast wheels are able to move 360 degrees, propelling you toward your dream vacations with speed and efficiency. Fastened to the luggage with pride, they are destined to thrill the first time you take them out for a spin. Of course, the bag boasts many other exceptional features as well.

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Swissgear 6369 20” Expandable Spinner Luggage

Expandable Luggage Compartments

Feast your eyes upon the push button lift handle that makes it a breeze to get from Point A to Point B; revel in the rapture of an interior filled with slick organization pockets. And like the best minds on the planet, this pristine suitcase possesses the ability to expand in all the right directions.

Swissgear 7782 18" Expandable Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage - Silver

And Then There Were Eight

Swissgear 7782 18″ Expandable Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage – Silver

For those who are serious about protecting their valuables — and cruising along at warp speed — checking out the Swissgear 7782 18” Expandable Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage is a distinct necessity. This elegant eight-wheeled luggage wields wheels that were built to swivel at a millisecond’s notice — and they’re attached a bag that boasts extraordinary aesthetic appeal.

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Important Luggage Features

A co-molded grab handle on the exterior, as well as a translucent zip pocket located in the incredible interior, are just a few of the features that make Swissgear luggage aficionados swoon. Speaking of swooning, the plated exterior is sure to nab at least a few compliments whenever you’re in transit; people can’t seem to get enough of the way it contrasts with the black matte panels on the side.

Swissgear Luggage Makes Four-Wheeling Fun

Swissgear’s 7272 19″ USB Energie Carry On Hardside Luggage

Dare to be different whenever you take Swissgear’s 7272 19″ USB Energie Carry On Hardside Luggage out for a jaunt. With the ability to expand, as well as the aforementioned eight exquisite wheels that swivel with swiftness, this luxurious luggage was crafted for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Both a headspinner and a traditional spinner bag, this hardside luggage commands all the right kind of attention.

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Swissgear 7272 19" USB Energie Expandable Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage

Luggage w/ USB Compatibility

With USB compatibility, it keeps you charged up during a long journey — both figuratively and literally. On the inside, a split case design allows you to tie down all of your favorite pieces of clothing. Meanwhile, zippered compartments and other pockets permit you to separate all of your goodies before you get back home. When it comes to convenience, it just might be impossible to beat this tech-friendly bag. No detail has been spared, including the lock that has already been approved by the TSA.

Swissgear 6595 18” Aluminum Frame Carry On Hardside Spinner Luggage

Amazing Aluminum Helps You Make an Entrance

Swissgear’s 6595 18” Aluminum Frame Carry On Hardside Luggage

Pristinely produced with polycarbonate and blessed with an aluminum frame, Swissgear’s 6595 18” Aluminum Frame Carry On Hardside Luggage spins like nothing you’ve experienced before. This, of course, may have something to do with the fact that its wheels were purposely crafted with lightweight yet durable materials, freeing you to gallop through any airport on the planet. Spinning 360 degrees, they offer the ultimate in maneuvering magnificence.

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Carry on Luggage for Globe Trotting

This bag was specifically constructed with frequent flyers in mind, which is why it possesses all of the details that make all the difference when you’re hot-footing it across the globe to different hotspots. From the lined interior to the tie-down straps that keep your garments in excellent condition, this lovely piece of luggage possesses the ingenuity and durability you need from a bag. A snap divider panel allows you to organize your items in a way that makes the most sense for you. In other words, this is the type of carry-on that encourages you to customize your experience and shoot for the stars.

Author: Joseph Daniels