Best Holiday Shopping Deals

The Best Holiday Shopping Deal of the Season

SWISSGEAR 4010 3pc Spinner Luggage Set - Black

Need a fresh spin on your spinner luggage but crave a truly great deal? From November 20 to December 4, you can make sure that the SWISSGEAR 4010 3PC SPINNER LUGGAGE SET will be under your tree — and what a glorious gift it will be. Made especially for the smooth and sophisticated traveler, this lovely luggage set can be yours for 55-70% off during the promotional period. It’s huge savings for this stunning set; each bag in the set boasts its own telescoping handle, making your dash to holiday destinations even easier. This sleek softside luggage features all of the most delightful conveniences, including tie-down straps, zippered pockets inside and handy front-storage pockets for those last-minute necessities you pick up at the airport. Of course, it goes without saying that this luggage set is not the only one on sale this year. Whether you’re in the mood for sophisticated, smooth softside luggage or you’re contemplating which backpack is best for a Europe trip, Swissgear should be your first stop starting November 20.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single, TSA Friendly Backpack

SWISSGEAR 3670 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack - Black
SWISSGEAR 3670 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack - Black
SWISSGEAR 3670 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack - Black

If you’re trying to get a jump on your travel accessories as the holiday season kicks into gear, you’re in luck with the SWISSGEAR 3670 USB SCANSMART LAPTOP BACKPACK. And if you want to score this bag at the deeply discounted sale price, set your reminders for November 20. Grab your tablet, E reader, and some books; get them ready to slide into your big new backpack. With a USB port ready to go, this bag will keep both your literal and figurative batteries charged. Padded shoulder straps make longtime wear a breeze, allowing you to remain ready to go. And for those long waits at the train station or the airport, dual side water bottle pockets help to make life a lot easier. Scansmart, lay-flat technology, meanwhile, will ameliorate your experience in the security line. In an age when time has become a precious commodity, you will treasure all that this backpack can do for you.

There Is No Such Thing as Too Many Backpacks

Swissgear 5686 Laptop Backpack

You’re an intrepid traveler with the world at your fingertips, which means that you’re going to need the right bags to get around. And the SWISSGEAR 5686 LAPTOP BACKPACK is certainly at the top of the list for those who are in the know. The strong polyester material keeps all of your essential items steady as you take on the world. With a pocket that is specifically dedicated to your devices, this backpack is for those who love to maintain the perfect balance of work and play. You may also be pleasantly surprised by just how spacious this bag is. Whether you’re headed to the office, school, or somewhere exotic, you’re going to love just how very convenient it will be. An innovative Airflow panel is the back encourages ventilation, keeping you nice and dry as you gallivant about town. No detail was spared in the construction of this bag; even the grab handle is padded for your comfort. And when you factor in the amazing deal you’ll be able to snatch when the sale drops, this beguiling backpack becomes even more alluring.

ScanSmart for the Win

Swissgear 5903 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

When you casually stroll through security with your SWISSGEAR 5903 SCANSMART BACKPACK, you’re bound to feel a lot better about the whole experience. Cast your worries and struggles aside as your backpack is scanned quickly and easily. There is, after all, a lot to be said for moving the line along faster with your ingenious purchase. And once you manage to make it to your gate, you can grab a bottle of water and tuck it into one of the handy side pockets. For those who love the rugged aesthetics of an organized backpack, the 5903 will entrance. Its front pocket organizers are a marvel unto themselves, allowing you to access all of your most important items in a jiffy. With the special sale price being applied a full week ahead of Thanksgiving, you may be feeling merry a bit earlier than usual this year.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Swissgear Anthem 17 Inch Laptop Slimcase Bag - Black/Gray

When you want others to see how well you take care of your devices, you’ll cradle them in SWISSGEAR ANTHEM 17″ SLIMCASE BAG. Slender and sleek, this stunning bag seems certain to set hearts afire at the coffee shop — or wherever you take it. It’s surprisingly spacious for such a small bag, so your folders and most pressing paperwork can easily make the journey with you. It’s stylish, modern, and fun, casting you as the most exciting person in the room when you make your grand entrance. There’s something about the understated elegance of this bag that tends to elicit compliments. Enjoy its form and functionality each time you step out with this bag on your shoulder.

Author: Joseph Daniels