Best Black Friday Deals 2020

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If there were ever a year that demanded amazing Black Friday deals, it would be 2020. But amidst all the chaos that defines this year, it’s good to be grateful for some silver linings. A sitewide sale on SWISSGEAR is one these opportunities that you won’t want to miss. Featuring travel deals that are tantalizingly tempting, SWISSGEAR is ending 2020 on a positive note. This year, the best deals of the season are starting even earlier than usual. Check out the website on November 20 and feast your eyes on some amazing gift ideas.

Deals That Will Sweeten Up Your Holiday Season

With regularly priced watches and luggage discounted at 20% off, you’ll be able to find something for even your most discerning relative. Scoop up the flagship SWISSGEAR 7272 for hardside luggage aficionados who desire only the best. Score an even deeper discount of 25% off for regularly priced backpacks, and dance in front of the fireplace when you take heed of the regularly priced luggage sets and travel accessories at a whopping 30% off. You might get so worked up by all the excitement that you’ll need to remove that ugly yet oh-so-trendy holiday sweater! The good news is that you’ll have all the way until November 29 to take advantage of the spectacular sitewide sale.


Swissgear 7272 Energie Expandable 3pc Hardside Spinner Luggage Set
Swissgear 7272 Energie Expandable 3pc Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Watches and Travel Accessories That Will Make You a Gift-Giving Genius

There’s no doubt that watches are experiencing a major comeback. For years, they sat on the sidelines as people allowed their cellphones to do all the work. But now horology is back and bigger than ever, which means that gifting one of these precious accessories to a friend is basically the hippest thing you can do at the moment. Also, since there’s something eternally elegant about looking at your own wrist, you’ll need to pick up a few of these pieces for yourself. Besides, you’ll want to consult your timepiece at the exact moment these tremendous travel deals hit the interwebs. Although this year may have been a wild ride, you can still select a watch that will project confidence, security, and professional polish.

Travel Accessories? TSA Friendly? Scansmart? It’s All Happening Here

SWISSGEAR 4010 3pc Spinner Luggage Set - Black

Did somebody say doorbusters…at 55-70% off? Cue every emoji on your phone, because this just might be one of the best deals of the season. The early bird gets the worm, so you’ll want to set your sale alerts for November 20 if you’re in the market for a luggage set that might inspire some envy in Santa Claus himself. The SWISSGEAR 4010 3PC SPINNER LUGGAGE SET – BLACK is softside luggage that will amplify your travel gear game in ways you’ve never imagined. Spinner luggage has never been so aesthetically pleasing and amazingly affordable. With lightweight wheels that spin 360 degrees, you’ll be able to safely stow a laptop, tablet, and almost every sweater in your wardrobe as you run through the airport. This luggage set was specifically designed with portability in mind. It’s softside luggage with the ability to thrill.

Make Your Life Easier with ScanSmart Travel Gear

The SWISSGEAR 3670 USB SCANSMART LAPTOP BACKPACK is so TSA friendly that you may find yourself setting records while going through the airport security line. With a dedicated spot for both a laptop and a tablet, this is the laptop backpack of your deepest dreams. The pockets are perfectly organized, allowing you to access everything you need at warp speed. Backpacks this versatile are difficult to find, not to mention the good fortune of discovering one that’s on sale. Whether you’re headed to Dayton or Denver, this pack provides the perfect place to store your most beloved winter accessories. It’s difficult to understand the sophisticated simplicity of ScanSmart if you haven’t tried it yet, so making this bag part of your regular repertoire seems like a solid plan.

SWISSGEAR 3670 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack - Black
SWISSGEAR 3670 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack - Black
SWISSGEAR 3670 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack - Black
SWISSGEAR 3670 USB Scansmart Laptop Backpack - Black

Explore the World with a Renewed Sense of Purpose

Swissgear 5686 Laptop Backpack

These days, staying healthy and hydrated is more important than ever. You’ll love the dual mesh water bottle pockets on the side of the SWISSGEAR 5686 BACKPACK, but those aren’t the only fascinating features of this beautiful bag. Strong polyester fabric will keep all of your items safe and secure as you go about your day. Whether you’re in Manhattan or on the Matterhorn, this versatile option will make you happy. The spacious main compartment of this bag allows you to store your essential travel gear with ease. A multitude of dividers and specialized pockets allow you to keep your smaller items exactly where they need to be. For the modern person on the go, it doesn’t get any better than this — and the sale price makes this bag absolutely irresistible.

Gym Tan Laptop

When it comes to keeping your exquisite devices in pristine condition, few products are more beloved than the SWISSGEAR ANTHEM 17″ SLIMCASE BAG. The bag boasts a slim and inviting profile that makes it the perfect choice for commuter flights and business meetings. You’ll very rarely find such a high-quality bag at this amazing price, so you won’t want to wait on this delightful deal.

Swissgear Anthem 17 Inch Laptop Slimcase Bag - Black/Gray

A Time to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

During these unique last moments of 2020, you’ll want to grab your water bottle and carve out some time for yourself. Think about at least one off-the-beaten-path place that you’ve been hankering to visit forever — and make a plan. After all, travel doesn’t necessarily mean tourist traps and famous places. You may find that a three-day weekend escape to a neighboring resort will do all the wonders in the world. And, these days, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover that some of your favorite hidden haunts and hotels may be running their own sales. As long as you have the right accessories for you — whether it’s hardside luggage, backpacks, or a combination of both — at your fingertips, you’ll be able to seize the day and make a great escape at a moment’s notice. Now is the time to celebrate all of the loveliness that the world has to offer.

Author: Joseph Daniels