BEST OF SWISSGEAR – Spring 2020 Edition – LUGGAGE

It’s a different world out there for today’s traveler. There are so many things to keep track of during the planning, packing, and transportation process. Does your luggage meet all of your needs and offer easy navigation? Is there plenty of room in its compartments for comfortable business travel? Are you struggling with the weight of your carry on or checked bag?

Swissgear is a trusted luggage and backpack brand with a long history of building reliability in every bag. Whether you’re on the hunt for softside or hardside luggage, Swissgear has travel solutions made just for you. This manufacturer builds luggage that holds up to rugged use. But that’s not the whole story. Swissgear also styles their travel bags for modern men and women. Satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed when you choose the best of Swissgear hardside or softside luggage to manage your next trip.

Best Lightweight Luggage – The Swissgear 7850 Collection

Liteweight luggage is often requested by travelers of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s carry on luggage or checked baggage, having lots of room inside is always a welcome feature. Swissgear’s 7850 collection has a great selection of lightweight, softside bags perfect for day trips, weekend adventures, and business travel. You’ll be hard pressed to top the organizational tools and interior capacity found in this set of travel bags.

Swissgear 7850 Checklite Expandable Liteweight 3pc Spinner Luggage Set - Black
Swissgear 7850 Checklite Expandable Liteweight 3pc Spinner Luggage Set - Black

Swissgear 7850 Checklite Expandable Liteweight 3PC Spinner Luggage Set

Three piece spinner sets are a great value. The bags in this set are 20-, 24.5-, and 29-inches and every bag is expandable. Each includes an eight-wheel navigation system for 360-degree turning. Internal packing pockets and zippered and removable wet pouches make daily travel easier to manage.
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Swissgear 7850 29” Checklite Expandable Liteweight Spinner Luggage

Looking for a single bag for a variety of travel needs? The 7850 29-inch expandable softside luggage spinner bag has your name on it. You’ll enjoy the same eight-wheel mobility and internal pockets as the three-piece spinner set. Travelers say they love this one for the durability and extra room. It makes a lot of sense to choose this bag for its added packing capacity.

Swissgear 7850 24.5” Checklite Expandable Liteweight Spinner Luggage

We see effortless airline check-ins and last minute souveniers in your future when you go with the 24.5-inch Checklite bag by Swissgear. Lots of room for clothes, shoes, and a dopp kit in this suitcase. The retractable locking handle and side grab handle make for easy lifting and maneuverability.

Swissgear 7850 20” Checklite Expandable Carry On Liteweight Spinner Luggage

How is 6.5 lbs for a lightweight carry-on bag? The 7820 collection includes a lightweight 20-inch spinner bag with multiple interior and exterior compartments. You’ve got lots of room for personal items in this bag and suitcase-style access to the interior. Adjustable interior straps keep clothing in place and offer some wrinkle-resistance. Easy packing and unpacking gives you more time to enjoy life.

Swissgear 7850 Checklite Underseat Luggage

Swissgear’s 7850 Checklite underseat carry on may be the most perfect liteweight luggage ever made. It offers a convenient way to board and deplane without lifting a finger. The telescoping handle lets you pull your bag into place and eliminates back strain. There’s also a built-in padded pocket for a tablet, a pocket organizer, and pouches for tech accessories.

Best TSA-Friendly Luggage – The Swissgear 7272 Collection

The Swissgear 7272 Collection is filled with the hardside luggage you want. Whether you select it for its durability or extra packing space, that’s your choice. The fact is this luggage collection is an ideal solution for checked luggage. Your personal items will be hidden behind a TSA lock, so you can secure your belongings without worry.

Best Luggage Sets for 2020

Swissgear 7272 Energie Expandable 3PC Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

More is better, right? The 7272 three-piece spinner set is your new best friend. Each bag is expandable for more packing room. The set includes a 23- and 27-inch bag and a 19-inch carry on with a USB charging port and interior battery pouch. This luggage packs like a traditional suitcase with a split-case interior inside each bag. Plenty of space for clothes and travel accessories in this dynamic set.

Swissgear 7272 Energie Expandable 2PC Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Choose the Swissgear 7272 two-piece spinner set, and enjoy the stylish presence of its beautiful hardshell exterior. The sleek, modern finish is easy to clean and maintain making this luggage the perfect sidekick for any traveler. This set also includes the 19-inch carry on with USB port. Both pieces sport a retractable handle and eight-wheel support for superior mobility in airports, down ramps, and across streets.

Swissgear 7272 27” Energie Expandable Hardside Spinner

The Energie 27-inch spinner will definitely get you noticed. Its exterior surface has a beautiful sheen and sophisticated texture. A split-case interior and clothing strap keep everything in place during travel. Reviewers tout this luggage as ideal for both domestic and international travel. This is another great bag from Swissgear that delivers smooth rolling and happy travel memories.

Swissgear 7272 23” Energie Expandable Hardside Spinner

When you need more than a carry-on to get where you’re going, the 23-inch Energie spinner is a happy option. This spinner bag combines a sleek exterior with generous packing space and a secure combo-lock to meet TSA requirements. You can check this one without concern and actually enjoy your flight. Lots of zippered pockets and pouches inside help you manage wet and dry items, shoes, and toiletries. A good choice when checked luggage is a must.

Swissgear 7272 19” USB Energie Expandable Carry On Hardside Spinner

If being completely in tune with your electronics is a top-priority, don’t miss out on Swissgear’s 19-inch Energie hardside spinner. It’s the best carry on luggage you could buy for the money. First, it has a rugged exterior that’s fashionable and durable. Second, it includes the USB power portal and interior battery bag. Place your battery in the bag, slide your cable through the portal, and charge on the go. The TSA security lock, eight-wheel mobility, and interior pockets add even more value.

Author: Joseph Daniels